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Having lived in the USA, Egypt, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the Baltic States' apart from my home country Sweden, traveling has always been part of my life.  Today I would go as far as label myself as a "travel junky" always on the move. If not out traveling, then planning for the next trip.

My interest in photography has increased over the years, as has my curiosity for visting countries and places "off the beaten track". Back in the late 70-ies and early 80-ies, when I first started to travel, it was still analog photography which was available. This ment one had to be very selective when taking pictures. A reason for why I have kept only a few shots from theses years. 

I have been asked by friends and travel companions for some time to set-up a web-page with some of my photos, travel reports and short videos.  Here is then a first attempt to do just this. A lot of work remains however and some of the reports have not been fully spell-checked - my apologies for this...

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