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North Korea

     Who hasn't entertained the idea of going to North Korea to see for one self what it really looks like! I certainly had, and I realized these plans back in 2012. We went with a group organized by Korea Konsult who specializes in tours to North Korea. One has to understand that you are tied to a preplanned program with visits which can be chosen from a "menu" of alternatives. There is however always the possibility that something will happen outside of what's been planned and what the authorities want you to see. This was also the case for us. The military parade in commemoration of the founder of the nation, Kim Il Sung's 100' birthday (should he be alive today) was not in our program. Did we want to miss this event? Absolutely not... read more in the travel report to the right. If you plan to visit, you should definitely contact Korea Konsult in Stockholm, Sweden. They are by far the company with the longest experience. They are highly recommended to be used.

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