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      As part of a 5-country Indo-China round-trip - Cambodia - was of in line after Laos. A visit to Cambodia is of course not complete without a stop at Ankor Wat. Siam Reap is the natural base for a 3-4 day visit to Ankor Wat and the surroundings. The draw back is the hoards of tourist. Once venturing a little bit outside the main area you are immediately almost on your own. The lake Tonle Sap is also worth a stop, with the floating villages. We did this on our way to the capital - Phnom Penh. Here we stayed in the lovely french quarters of the city. A visit also to the prison Tuol Sleng where so many Cambodians were tortured and killed during the Khmer regime. We also went our to the Killing fields (Choeung Ek) outside of Phnom Penh.

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