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    Guinea was the last of the three countries visited on this journey in 2016, which we labeled "The Ebola Coast" trip. It is only a little over a year since Guinea was declared ebola free. The roads coming into Guinea - crossing the border overland as we did - were a disaster. The border crossing was as usual: you sit down with the Chief of border control and then it is a "waiting game" to see who can outlast the other. There is always money to be made from "white faced" travelers coming through on these less visited border-crossings. We managed this time to get through by leaving a loaf of bread, water bottles and a box of chocolate (courtesy of Brussels Airlines business class). We were however forced to transport one of the border guards in our car to his home town some 4 hours down the dirt roads in Guinea. The was the best "deal" we could negotiate at this time....

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