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Central African Republic

     Having planned and prepared for this Sahel journey including four countries in the Southern parts of Sahara for over one year - C.A.R. was first excluded and then later included. Checking all travel advice web-sites it is highly advised to stay away from this country all together. We eventually decided to give a go. It was only 2 month earlier when there were fightings inside of Bangui - the capital. We attended mass on Palm Sunday in Bangui - an incredible celebration and treat to witness. We also travelled outside of Bangui to the Bovali waterfalls in the countryside and stopped along the way to see some of the local villages. We distributed footballs and numbered shirts at one place - which was much appreciated.  I have decided to come back to C.A.R. to do the Dzanga Sangha National Park in the south bordering to Cameroon. Hope to do so in 2018. The wildlife is supposed to be spectacular. Here it is also possible to visit the illusive BaAkha pygmies.

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