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     Djibouti - a small nation with lots of surprises. This tiny country has the strategic advantage of being on the coast and the only means for countries like Ethiopia to get their goods in by sea - to be transported overland from Djibouti ports. Djibouti is also the base for countries like USA, France, Japan and others to have some 7000 military based at. We visited Lac Assal in the north as well s Lac Abbé in the west bordering to Ethiopia. Lac Assal is the lowest point of the African continent with a level of 155 metres below sea level. The water here is seven times saltier than the dead sea! The water was too hot for a swim. Visiting the Danakil dessert on almost non-existing roads in 50 degrees heat - it would have been nice to have had a functioning A/C in our car. All the same we loved the country, its friendly people and the many places we visited. We were also invited to a local party/celebration.

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