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     The trip to Tanzania is now 30 years ago, back in 1987. Me and my wife went to Kenya and Tanzania back in the 80-ies. Zanzibar, the spice island, was at the time completely undeveloped and untouched by the hoards of tourists coming to the Island today. This also caused us some difficulties as there were no good restaurants nor hotels around. We stayed at the old colonial Hotel Africa in Stone Town, the capital, which was very shabby and run down at the time. We were the only guests at the time. We used Mitu - the only guide available - who showed us around the island in his old and beat up taxi. We flew in from Mombasa, Kenya, but had not managed to book a flight back. We resorted to take a felucca boat back from Zanzibar to Dar Es-Salam in some rough waters. The photos below are scanned and of poorer quality from this trip.

1987.07 Kenya & Tanzania (Cover page).pn
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