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      As part of a 5-country Indo-China round-trip - Thailand - was first in line back in 2010. Having been to Thailand probably well over 10 times over the years - the first trip for me was back in 1979, well before the hordes of tourists started coming. I still like Thailand, but prefer to travel to the lesser visited parts. I went and did trekking back in 1981 up in the Golden Triangle area, something I really enjoyed back then. I wanted to do this again, but this time with my family. Chiang Rai up in the north served as the starting base for us when venturing out into the jungle. We did elephant riding, boating and trekking through the rough before making camp. We stayed overnight with the Lahu hill tribe in their village. We continued to Chiang King on the border to Laos where we crossed to continue our trip down the Mekong river.

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