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     We did not have as much time as was planned for  Cameroon, as we had a half days delayed flight coming in to Douala from Lagos. We therefore missed Doula all together on this trip. We needed to take a flight for this stretch as it is too dangerous to travel overland through Boko haram controlled areas up in the north. We travelled much through the countryside which is green and lush. Stopping at the Mfou Ape centre were they rehabilitated lowland Gorillas, Mandrills and Chimpanzees. Passing and stopping in some rural villages on our way to the border of Equatorial Guinea was worth while. Will try and come back to spend more time here. God moves in mysterious ways - as a flight between the Central African Republic and Niger had been rerouted with a stop-over in Douala earlier in 2017, I had my chance of stopping over and seeing a bit more of Doula, as this was missed on my last trip.

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