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     This, my second trip to Iraq, had a slightly different target. This time i wanted to visit the war ridden Mosul. I had recently read the book "The last girl" by the Nobel Peace Price winner 2019 - Nadia Murad. I just had to go and see for my self the "City of Evil" where Nadia and many other Yazidi women from the Singer region were taken, after all their men had been killed. Many of these women were sold off to ISIS soldiers to whom they were sexually abused repeatedly during the years to come. Many of them are still kept and have not been released even though the war is over since 2017. Mosul was made capital back in 2014 when the city was captured by ISIS. It was only liberated in 2017, but badly destroyed. More than10,000 people were estimated to have been killed during the war only in Mosul.

2019-07 Travel report Iraq cover.png
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