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North Korea

     Back again in the glorious nation of North Korea as it is often described - at least by theNorth Koreans themselves. This time I was invited to come and co-guide a group of some 26 Europeans of mixed nationalities. A lot of things seemed to have changed since my last visit - at least on the surface. People are still no doubt suffering from the economic blockade and sanctions. There were 6 subway stations in all now open compared with two on my visit back in 2012. The main event of the visit was of course to participate in the Mass Games. We were invited to come on their National Day - the 9th of september. A huge spectable with the Marshal Kim Yong Un himself and many dignitaries from other socialistic nations were there as well. The Military parade was played down since my last visit. They had no heavy armor this time such as tanks or displaying rocket launching vehicles etc..

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