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    During the summer of 1988, Central America was on the radar. More specifically, it was a tour covering the Mayan culture starting in Mexico with the main sights of Teotihuacán, Palenque, Chitzen Itzá, Uxmal moving on to Xunantunich in Belize, the magnificent sights of Tikan in northern Guatemala and all the way down to Copán i Honduras. I remember the border crossing particularly as a very country-side affair. The locals seemed to travel back and forth over the border without being checked at all. Copán was interesting, but I really did not have time on this trip to see much else of Honduras. Will come back to cover more later. Again, the quality of the pictures aren't the best as they have been scanned and copied to this web-page.

1988-07 Central America (cover page).png
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