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Equatorial Guinea

     One of the tightest controlled dictatorships in the world. Tourists are not welcome to visit. It took us also many months to get our visas, which we got in the end. However, many others have failed before us to get visas to visit. On route from the border crossing at Key Oss / Ebebiyin to the capitol of Bata we had to pass circa 10 checkpoints to show passports and our credentials. This a mere 200 km stretch. That is one checkpoint every 20 km! A lot of bush-meat was sold along the way. Photography strictly forbidden (of course). I was stopped, as usually happens on my travels, accused of having taken pictures without permission at one of the check-points. They were however not able to find where in my mobile phone, which was used on this occasion, the camera app. was located. This was a very surreal visit

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