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    I spent time in Egypt back in 1984 and 1985 when I worked shortly for Allam Cementation (UCAC) in Cairo during two separate occasions. The photographs below are scanned and unfortunately of lesser quality. This was a very interesting and rewarding period for me getting a chance to work abroad with an international company in a very chaotic and demanding environment. During this period I explored Cairo and its surrounding thoroughly. The city has a lot of hidden gems to see. A lot more than the well known pyramids and the Egyptian museum. One of my absolute favorite pastimes was to go horseback riding out in Giza near the pyramids in the evenings. The only drawback was the wild dogs constantly around your horse and nibbling at your feet. I also visited Memphis & Sakkara as well as the majestic Valley of Kings in Luxor and Hatshepsut temple areas. I have not been back to Egypt since my trip in 1993. It is definitely time to go again soon.

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