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2011 The Caucasus (cover page).png

     The first leg of doing the "Silk road trail" started with Armenia, Georgia and Azerbadijan (The Caucasus). Georgia was next in line after having done Armenia with Tbilisi only some 3 hours drive from the Armenian border. The previously lawless capital ha been cleaned up over the last couple of years. The Georgian cuisine and the wines were excellent. After a few days in the capital I continued up the "Russian military highway" up to Kazbegi (5047 meters) having to cover the last steep route with military 4-wheel drive vehicles. After many more interesting stops and visits going down along the South Ossetian border (controlled by Russia today) we continued to Gori - the birthplace of Stalin. The main objective was now to locate Mrs. Zjuzuna Natadze who lived in the tiny village of Ateni. She is known for her private collection of Stalin memorabilia. The memories from this visit to her home will always stay with me. See travel report (left) and the video under separate Video-section.

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