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     a long weekend in Minsk, Belarus back in may 2011. On the surface everything looks clean, nice and well organized. However, this is very much a dictatorship run by President Lukasjenko, close ally of President Putin in Russia. A visit to Dudutki outside of Minsk could be worthwhile, if it wasn't for the fact that this is not a "real" kolchos, which would have been nice to see. This is a government organized model of a kolchos on display for tourists. Khatyn, ca: 60 km north of Minsk is a village which was completely destroyed during world war 2 by the nazis and is worth visiting. We did not have time to include this however. A visit to the Operahouse is a must - it is called "Bolshoj" just like in Moscow. We saw Aida and this was an amazing performance.

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