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     I have to admit that I was a bit worried about coming to Somalia, although Somaliland is an autonomous region within the state of Somaliland. Somalia actually consists of three regions. Somalia, where the capitol Mogadishu is located, Puntland on the north-east coast (off-limits all together) and then Somaliland with its own regional government, currency, borders and capital - Hargeisa  It is advised (compulsory) to have assigned and armed guards with you when trading outside of Hargeisa. We did this as we visited the old caves of Las Geel, the costal town of Berbera (very run down) and a very interesting country village called Sheekh. The latter because our guide was from this rural village. Very colorful and worthwhile. The whole bay outside of Berbera is scattered with sunken ships sticking up out of the water. These are also the waters where the infamous pirates cover. We were met with friendly smiles and lovely people in most places. Again photography must be done carefully as many people do not like having their pictures taken.

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