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     Few places have changed as much as Dubai has over the last 20-30 years. My first visit to this emirate was back in 1989 when stationed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We used to fly over to Dubai to get a break from the strict life in Saudi at the time. Few restaurants and no alcohol served (do I need to dwell on this more!). Dubai was more like a sleeping fishing village at the time, although they had some high-rise buildings and already the world-renowned golf course of course. The beaches were of course very high class. Having been back a couple of times over the years on business - I can't say I hold much feeling for this "Disneyland" creation. Very few pictures have been taken of this place, and all of them in poor quality as can be seen. Having been to Abu Dhabi and Sharja, I think both these emirates hold more charm c.w. Dubai.

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