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     Haiti, had been in my plans for a very long time - and I was not disappointed with what I experienced, although the country is extremely poor and in very bad shape. It is of course sad to see that so little has been done to build up the infrastructure after the earthquake back in 2010 and a number of hurricanes on top of this. Cholera is aslo flurishing as if the earthquake and hurricanes was not enough. The Marché de Fer, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Canapé Vert and all the other things to see made my visit to Port-au-Prince memorable. I stayed at the old hotel Oloffson in the centre. This is worth the visit to PaP all in it self. This historical building turned in to a hotel has a lot of charm, and many famous people over the years have stayed here as well.

My last stop in Haiti was to fly up to Cap Haitian and see the old Palace Sans Souci and the Citadel on the very top. To get there I hade to four different means of transportation: A car, motorbike, horseback and feet, but it was all worth it in the end.

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