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     I visited Beirut for the first time back in 1985. This, at the time when Beirut was still divided into East and West with clear demarcation lines controlled by militia and with constant check-points when going from one side to the other. It was therefore all the more interesting to come back in 2013 almost 30 years later - this time with friends. At the very end of this cavalcade of picture taken in 2013, you'll find only a few photos taken from 1985. Among the things which we covered were a visit to Baalbek in the Bekha valley, Byblos and the wine producing companies also located in the Bekha valley. We also stumbled on a fashion show at one of the top hotels on the waterfront. Many parts of the city is till in ruins as can be seen in the photos below. There are also skirmishes from time-to-time with new attacks, but all-in-all - Beirut is a safe city as much as in city is today. Have since also been back in the fall of 2017 to visit Beirut and the Bekah valley.

2013-05 lebanon (cover page.png

     The very few photos taken are from my first trip to Beirut back in 1985. The Swedish embassy was still open at the time, but was later closed down. See my brief travel report from this visit.

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