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     A.W.A. = Africa Wins Again. Nothing ever works out according to plan when you travel around in Africa. Coming in from Chad where we were meant to have a short stop-over in Douala and then onwards to Niamey, Niger, directly thereafter. We were informed that the runways were under reperation so we had to fly via Ivory Coast instead and also stay an extra night in Abidjan instead - and so it goes. We eventually got to Niger, which turned out to be quite interesting. We covered only a very small part of the country including the Kouré Giraffe National Park, the capital Niamey and the famous Park du W. The best part of all was however the unplanned visit to a local Sunday market in the small village of Kodo. Need to come back however to spend a couple of weeks around Ennedi and the Tibesti mountains.

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