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     The first leg of doing the "Silk road trail" started with Armenia, Georgia and Azerbadijan (The Caucasus). Covering the capital, Yerevan with its blue Mosque and thereafter a drive up to the temple of Sun at Garni, Monestary of Spear and Geghard Monestary from the 13th century. The trip continued via Mount Ararat, which today is on the Turkish side of the border (under dispute), to Sevanavank and Ketcharis up in the mountains. We passed by the old capital Eimiatzin and joined for Sunday mass and then continued up the highest mountain in Armenia: Mount Aragatz at ca: 3500 meter. After having spent the night at a farmhouse in the village of Akner (freezing cold - so we had to drink a lot of armenian brandy) we also visited the two famous monasteries: Sanahin and Haghpat. Haghpat being the national symbol. See also the video under separate Video-section.

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