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South Africa

     The South African photos immediately below are from 2013 in connection to a visit to the Kruger Park with the family.  We spent over a week in and around the National Park, the size of the country of Netherlands.  There has been half a dozen of earlier trips to South Africa, but these pictures are not shown below. Apart from seeing the big five, the most spectacular sighting was a pack of 16 African dogs - a rare sighting. We also saw the rare and endangered "King" Cheetah at the Rehabilitation centre up in Hoedespruit (HESC). If you scroll down further, then you'll find some photos also from 2009 (Madikwe National Park) as well as from 1999 (Cape Town and Pillansburg National Park). Will come back to do the Garden route and also visit Lesotho inside of RSA.

2009 Namibia - Botswana - SAR (Cover pag

     The below photos are from 2009 (Madikwe National Park). (Photo quality not so good)

     The below photos are from 1999 - Cape Town and Pillansburg National Park. (photo quality not so good)

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