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      As part of a 5-country Indo-China round-trip - Vietnam - was of course in line after Cambodia. We went overland from Phnom Penh to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). The food options in Saigon are endless and great of course. We stayed a couple of days before flying up to Danong and Hot An. We settled in at Vinh Hung Riverside resort and enjoyed the picturesque city of Hot An. We did excursions up to Hue (the old capital) and some snorkeling around some islands in the archipelago. We then continued by flight up to Hanoi and stayed there for a couple of days enjoying the "Old Quarters" and "French Quarters" as well as the amazing food. Halong Bay was also on our "to-do-list", as we had hired a jonk to go out into the lovely archipelago located some 3-4 hours from Hanoi.  We were positively surprised with the quality of the cabins, Djonk as well as the food onboard.

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