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      China is an enigma. The transition and changes over the years are tremendous. My first visit to the land of the Dragon took place back in 1981. If I look back at how closed the country was in those days and compare China during the 90-ies - a decade when I was back to set-p a daughter company in Beijing - huge changes - with what the changes were yet a decade later (2000) and once again today. Its beyond belief.  It is impressive, but sad at the same time. Many of the traditional futons and rural areas have been demolished to leave place for new developments. If the country can use the same determination and speed in altering the country's dependence on fossil fuel consumption into renewable and environmental fuel  resources - then I'd be really impressed...

     The below batch of pictures were taken in connection to a trip made to North Korea which started and ended in China back in April, 2012.

     The last batch below are from my first trip to China back in 1981. Traveling with a friend we spent some 6 weeks in the country at the time. A country where very little today resembles what we experienced and saw back in those days. It was far from easy to get around and travel independently back in 1981. The pictures are scanned and copied, hence the poor quality. (see also my travel report from the time)

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