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Republic of Congo

     We flew into Brazzaville from Libreville (Gabon). Brazzaville is much smaller than its "twin" neighbor on the other side of the river Congo - Kinshasa, and said to be safer as well. The music scene is well know in "Brazza" and we visited also one of the recommended places - La Bodega. Highly recommended - the place rocked! The main reason for visiting the republic of Congo however, was to get out to Lesio Louna and to see the Lowland Gorillas. A poorly organized arrangement took us out to stay at this national park. We did not see any wild gorillas during our trek through the park and its rivers. We did however see two orphaned young gorillas and an old polio effected male on a small island. The youngsters  were under rehabilitation and protected by the National Park and its staff. The long boat trip on the mighty river Congo was the highlight in my eyes, where we got to see some good wildlife such as crocs, hippos, monkeys, lizards, jackals and a great variety of birds.

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