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Hong Kong

     My first visit to Hong Kong was back in 1979. I wrote an essay in school (Gymnasium) at the time and Hong Kong was part of the scoop. I remember how exiting it was to fly into the city and landing at the old airport - Kai Tak - now closed since years back. The airport was right in the centre of the city, so you got an amazing view of the city skyline landing and taking off back then. My second visit was only two years later in 1981. This was in connection to a tour around the world which me and a friend had embarked on. In the late 90-ies I had the chance to spend more time again as I was responsible to set-up business and an office covering Hong-Kong and China from Hong-Kong. The most recent visit is from 2015 in connection to another business trip. Hong-Kong is always a favorite of mine.

     The below pictures are from 1981 in connection to my world-tour with a friend. On this trip I spent more time in a hospital bed then I did on ground to explore the city. I had taken ill coming in from the Philippines and spent almost a week at Queen Elisabeth Hospital. Please forgive the quality of these scanned photos from the time.

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