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 on the way back to Miami I decided to make a stop at the Bahamas. I had initially planned to visit a couple of the islands, but settled on one - The Providence. I was very lucky with my living arrangements, booked through AirnB. An amazing house almost on the beach (30 metres walking), where I stayed with a family as a guest. Again, to be away from the main tourist areas and all-inclusive hotels, was exactly what I wanted. This was a quite area on the west-coast of the main island, and right on amazing beaches. I spent 3 days exploring the sights and just relaxing on the beach - what could be better.

Next time around, because there will definitely be another visit, I will bring my family and to to a few more islands. Possibly Harbour Island and the island where they have domesticated pigs swimming in the ocean - Exuma Cays. Thats something to aim for.

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