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     We crossed the land-border north of Musanze (Ruhangeri) in Rwanda using local transports all the way to the National Park of Lake Mburo half way to Entebbe in the east. Always rewarding to travel using local transport. On this occasion we travelled in a minibus for ca: 12 people, but they managed to squeeze in some 20 instead. I was "lucky" to share seat with a drunken guy who smelled wonderfully and fell asleep on my shoulder. The journey was only for some four hours!  On the second day in the park we decided to go mountain biking. This proved to be a bad decision. It went quite well until I in full speed downhill accidentally ran into a termite hole in the ground flipping over 180 degrees landing on my back. Fortunately I had my back-pack on, but I still broke a couple of ribs all the same. I had to rest up in a sling taking medications (read whiskey and beer)... ouch, that hurt a lot. As always, it takes 3-5 weeks to heal. Not fun while traveling on poor roads in Africa.

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