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      We had planned for over 1 year and had to change the dates on more than one occasion due to the ongoing civil war and conflict in the country. Nor could we travel in by air through Sanaa the capital as this was now closed for commercial flights. I found a route entering overland from Oman which would give us a chance to do a round trip in the eastern most region of Yemen - Hadramaut. Having had numerous changes also to the group traveling we were eventually six people who set-out to visit in October, 2018. Finally in place in Salalah, Oman, where we intended to start our journey, we now had another problem to deal with. There had been a Typhoon sweeping in with severe rainstorms and damaging all major road around the eastern province. We had to abandon our original plan of entering through the southern border-crossing - Serfeet, and try to get into Yemen through the northern passage - Mazayounah instead. We eventually made it after major difficulties to get through. However, the roads were still pretty much impassable on the Yemen side, so we had to stay put pretty much around the border town of Shian and some bedouin camps. Below follows some selected photographs from this recent trip.

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