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Burkina Faso

     Burkina Faso or Upper Volta as it was called back in the 70-ies when I went to school. The last of four countries on this Sahel journey back in April, 2017. We managed to cover three of the four areas and historical sites which we had shortlisted. Ouagadougou, the capital was the least interesting of these. Traveling overland south towards the Ghanian border and the ancient city of Tiébélé was certainly the most colorful of them all. We saw hand painted mudhouses in the middle of nowhere. This is also where our car finally broke down. We had to hitchhike back to Ouagadougou instead. We also travelled all the way to Bobo Dioulasso and the southwest of Burkina Faso. Here we visited the Grand Mosque, Koumi village and were invited to a local wedding party in the old parts of Bobo. We also had time for the music scene for which the city is know. 

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