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     Nice to be back in Burma (Myanmar) after 29 years!!! Yes, its true its almost 30 years since my first visit to the country. This time together with my family for a short visit to Tadjilak - a border town to Thailand. We did not have all that much time during this short visit, but managed to stop at some of the sights and local markets. See further below for some old pictures back from 1981...

1981-82 WORLD TOUR (cover page).png
2010 Indochina (cover page).png

     The pictures have long since faded as they are scanned from an old photo album. The visit back in 1981 was however very interesting as this was during the times before the military regime had taken a tighter control of the country. There where however complaints already then about freedom of speech and other human rights issues. This was also long before any tourists started coming to the country.  I remember how incredibly cheap everything was at the time. I brought in a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey on the flight from China and traded this in for local currency which kept me going for a full week.

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