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     Having read Helena Thorfinns book about Bangladesh, I really wanted to "have a look see" for myself. The 12 day roundtrip around the country was really amazing. Its a pity however with recent terror incidents in Dhaka, which has increased security measures and all but stopped all foreigners / tourists (if there ever where any) coming to the country. We travelled the country using local trains, rickshaws, cars, boats and flights. We managed to cover the tea districts/rainforest up north around Srimangal, Chittagong and the ports to the hill-tracts of Bandarban near the Burmese border. Last but not least we also went to Khulna, Mongla and the sunderbans mongrove rain forest to mention a few more stops. We went to the sunder bans in hope of spotting Tigers, but did  of course not see any of these very few and illusive animals. Please see the video under video-section as well as my travel report to the left.    

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