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South Sudan (2015)

      This the youngest nation on earth, only recognized as a nation of its own came back in 2011 when Sudan was divided into two parts. Having visited back in 2015, the country has been in and out of civil wars all through its short lived existence. There is a lot of UN presence, but it is questionable if they have with their presence been able to stabilize the waring fractions in the country. Again, this is a country where you have to be extremely cautious. Its advisable to travel outside of the capitol Juba escorted by armed guards. You also have to be very carful in taking pictures as this is strictly forbidden. The Juba Bridge Hotel by the river Nile, where I stayed has since been taken over by the military who today is said to use it for higher ranking military officials. I travelled through the country down south to the Ugandan border and visited Nimule National Park. Most of the wild-life / game has been shot and eaten here during the civil war and is only slowly returning back. George Clooney, the actor, has taken a personal interest in the country and was involved in meeting with the heads-of-state during the break-up between Sudan and South Sudan. He has been many times to this country. There are some interesting articles to read about his work..

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