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     The Island of Vanuatu was closed for air traffic only a week before my scheduled arrival due to a Cyclone. I had a friend who had to change his travel plans due to this. I decided to rent a car for easy access around the main Island. This was definitely a good move as my AirbnB was on located quite far away from Port Vila on the wmall Coco Beach. I would have liked to include visits to Espiritu Santo, Torres islands in the north as well as the Island of Tanna to see the active volcano. However, due to difficulties with booking domestic flights (erratic in time schedule still) and a bit of a time constraint, this will have to wait until next visit. The Ekasup Village however was quite interesting and gave me a little insight into how one of the many indigenous groups of native tribes live maintaining their old traditions. This is however a semi-touristic arrangement, as part of their supplement income comes from just this - showing their native ways to tourists. 

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